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Variform Vinyl Skirting

Canadian Vinyls Inc. began operations
in 1994.

We are exclusive distributors for the Skirting Systems manufactured by Variform Inc, an American company who is also the largest skirting manufacturer in the world.

We are the largest skirting distributor in Canada supplying the best Variform products for Canada's mobile homes industry.

Our primary markets are in western Canada where 80-90% of all skirting used in Canada is consumed.

We pride ourselves in maintaining sufficient inventory to fill 99% of the orders received the same day.

Our goal is to be the manufactured housing industries skirting supplier of choice, by offering the best skirting available on the market.

Same day shipping of orders and service tailored to the individual customers needs.

We are situated between two of the largest manufactured home builders in Canada. On occasion, we put skirting into the home before it is shipped to the customer.