Rapid Wall Skirting

The Rapid Wall Perimeter Skirting System provides an excellent alternative to traditional skirting systems. Available in White, Grey, Tan or Clay, this siding has the look of a true concrete foundation for your manufactured or modular home. These panels provide an insulation factor of R9. They are shipped in 4′ x 12′ sections, so there are fewer visible seams. Foundation vents are available and are easy to install. No bracing is required, saving time and money.
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Rapid Wall Install

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Features of Rapid Wall Skirting


  • Vinyl with Clean Concrete Like Foundation Appearance
  • 2′ Thick Panel
  • 4′ Wide Panels Means Fast Installation, No Special Tools Required
  • Installs Like Traditional Vinyl Skirting
  • EPS Foam Backing, R-8 Insulating Value
  • Foam Backing Stiffens the Panel Preventing Wind Blowout

Panel Calculation:

Panels are 4’W x 12’H – 1. Measure the perimeter of the home and measure the height from the ground to the bottom of the home. Example: The perimeter measures 160′ and the height off the ground is 36″. Divide 160′ by 4′ = 40′. For a 36″ height you will get 4 cuts out of each panel. Divide 40′ by 4′ = 10 panels needed.

Rail & Hardware Calculation:

The top front, top back and bottom rails are 12′ length. Divide the perimeter of the home by 12′. Example: The perimeter measures 160′. Divide 160′ by 12′ = 14 top and bottom rails. Each hardware kit will install up to 16 top and bottom rails.

Note: Don’t forget to measure around decks and porches.

Rapid Wall Sizing Chart


May not be exactly as shown







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